The Southwest Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Library (SWLA Genealogy) is a publicly funded and managed library serving more than 80,000 residents of Lake Charles, southwest Louisiana. It is an affiliate branch of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library (CPPL), which had 17 circulations in 2021 and included books, periodicals, microfilm, compiled family records, and electronic databases. It also contributes to the general collection and services of the entire county library system, which includes more than 280,000 books and serial volumes, more than 40,000 E-Books, more than 22,000 audio files, and more than 55,000 video files, with a total circulation of more than 1.2 million items per year. In addition to the main library, there are 13 more branches that, combined, receive more than 760,000 visits, whose total items checked out reach almost 950,000, and have more than 55,000 registered borrowers, where 87 of them are from the SWLA Genealogy Branch. Founded in 1901 and officially opened to the public in 1904, the CPPL started with a collection of 706 volumes. It was also consolidated with the La Charles Public Library with the expansion and renovation of all 13 branches, and one of these branches is the SWLA Genealogy Branch. Additionally, some of the features of the SWLA Genealogy Branch include their public kitchen, which includes a refrigerator and an ice maker, free WIFI access, and PCs for public use which had approximately 240 patrons served for 2021.

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Physical Address:
411 Pujo Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana {JSON:Zip}


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