The Glen Avon Branch Library serves almost 320,000 residents in Riverside, the county seat of Riverside County, California. It is one of the 35 libraries under the Riverside County Library System (RCLS), founded in 1911 as the Riverside County Free Library. Glen Avon Branch Library is a 20,000-square-foot library branch located in the valley of Jurupa opened to 1995offering a variety of programming to meet the diverse need of patrons. Additionally, the Glen Avon branch adds to the county system's overall resources, which include more than 47,000 books and serial volumes, nearly 13,000 e-books, more than 3,000 audio files, and nearly 7,000 video files. Also, the library system saw more than 83,000 visitors annually, more than 132,000 items circulated, and over 10,000 registered borrowers.

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Physical Address:
9244 Galena
Riverside, California 92509


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