The Fair Oaks Branch Library is a publicly funded and managed library that serves more than 81,000 residents in the city of Redwood City, on the San Francisco Peninsula in Northern California's Bay Area. It is an affiliate branch of the Redwood City Public Library (RCPL). Founded in 1865, RCPL was previously a private subscription for town reading, and in 1889, with the support of the municipality, the Redwood City Library Association was formed for the purpose of establishing a public library. In 1974, as part of the Fair Oaks Community Center, the Fair Oaks Branch Library was opened as one of the branches that contribute to the overall collection and services of the parish library system, which includes more than 230,000 books and serial volumes, more than 151,000 e-books, more than 1,000 audio files, and more than 38,000 video files. The library system also welcomes more than one million visitors annually at its ten branches spread across five counties, circulates more than 1.6 million items, and has more than 69,000 registered borrowers.

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Physical Address:
2510 Middlefield Road
Redwood City, California 94063-3402


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