The Center Public Library serves almost 2,000 residents in the city of Center and in Saguache and Rio Grande counties in Colorado. Its incorporation dates back to the 3rd to 4th quarter of 1916, when its humble beginning started with only 150 donated as a library association with 15 members. In 1950, it was joined to become the Saguache County Public Library. Today, Center Branch, together with Saguache Central Library, has a collection of almost 24,000 books and serial volumes, nearly 3,000 eBooks, more than 800 audio files, and more than 3,700 video files. With visitors that reach almost 27,000 and registered borrowers of around 2,000, it has circulated more than 21,000 items.

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Physical Address:
400 South Worth
Center, Colorado 81125-0306


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