The Great Falls Library serves 1,914 residents in the Great Falls City of Chester County. The library is part of the Chester County Library and contributes to its 112,377 volumes on hand and 112,866 items circulated annually. Chester County Library System is a publicly funded library that includes the Main Library, the Great Falls Community Library, the Lewisville Community Library, and a multi-stop Bookmobile. Great Falls Community Library began as a night school library with 40 donated books and became a member of the County Library in 1946. It has since expanded its collections and services, occupying a 2,000-square-foot library with a meeting room. It is open for services from 10 AM Monday to Friday. Its offerings include library resources for all ages, Summer Reading, Storytime, Mobile Printing, and Book Clubs.

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Physical Address:
39 Calhoun Street
Great Falls, South Carolina 29055-1504


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