The Powell Branch Library, a publicly funded and managed library and an affiliate library of the Park County Public Library (PCLS), serves more than 6,200 residents in Powell, a city in Park County, Wyoming. The Powell Branch contributes to the overall collection and services of MPL, which maintains more than 150,000 book and serial volumes; a little more than 7,000 electronic books; more than 7,000 audio and more than 10,000 video collections; and circulates more than 300,000 items per year. In 1914, when the first board was appointed by the County Commissioner for the creation of a public library system, and followed in 1916, when PCLS was built. All the libraries host engaging artistic and educational activities for people of all ages. We have an incredible selection of books and other materials for study, instruction, and relaxation. Our mission is to serve the public by offering top-notch programs, going above and beyond for our clients; engaging the community we serve; and satisfying their needs. Today, Powell Branch is only one of the three branches, plus the central library – PCLS, that has a total aggregated visits of almost 300,000 and more than 16,000 registered borrowers.

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Physical Address:
217 East 3rd
Powell, Wyoming 82435-1903


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